Good Brain teaser

I am going to post this image here and I think it would be a good one to submit to flir in the Brain teaser contest be hard to guess what it is

My guess is smoke!!

I sent it to Gary Orlove at Flir lets see if he uses it as monthly brain teaser
So no comment from me

I have that pic hanging in my hallway.

Boiling eggs…well not boiling yet.

Kitchen sink

Is it this without the stream?

If I hang a pic in my hall its going to be western not abstract:D:D

Return air?

Looks like you put creamer in your coffee… except it’s a bit cool for that :smiley:

I don’t use creamer in my coffee I test it with a horseshoe if the horseshoe will stand up straight it is just right none of that sissy stuff for me:D:D

That isn’t coffee, that tar. :wink:

Coffee is sweet and wonderful when properly prepared.


looks like You might have a lil kidney issue there partner…

Chuck’s vid is similar but red hat isn’t telling on himself, yet.

You’re right:shock:

I discovered good coffee a long time ago.

I roast my own beans now.

Grind it properly and and use an espresso machine or French press to get the flavor out.

Burnt, thick coffee may put hair on your chest but it better thrown out. :wink:

Thanks Barry…that was a great video…

You guys dog don’t hunt not even close barking up the wrong tree:p:D

Nope I can knock flies off the wall with my stream;-):wink:

Tornado forming.