Good for me but bad rep for HI's in this area

I made over $1000 the past two weeks because some Home Inspector here in Casper has apparently quit. Two realty companies and an insurance company called me to see if I could a total of 4 short notice inspections. All of them stated that they had another HI scheduled but he was a no show. I did all 4 inspections within 24 hrs of their phone calls to me (various days of course). All three companies told me that I will now be there go to guy.

All of this is great news for me, but I feel obligated to apoligize profusly to the agents and their clients for someone in our industry that I don’t even know.

You did nothing wrong so…Don’t apologize , and more importantly don’t slander your FORMER competition.
It will only make you look bad.

Just be happy and … do the most professional inspections that you know how.

Good Luck!:stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Dan from over here in Torrington, Holler if you need any help…