Good Grief Gertie...

I almost forgot!!!


Wherever you are. :mrgreen:

That’s OPRAH’s 12th cousin, 7 times removed…or something like that.:twisted::twisted:

Elvis and I share the same B’day. I will forever hear Elvis tunes on my birthday:roll: (I tell the kids it’s the Kings birthday and Elvis’s too:p)

Also the anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans, 1815. Trivia!

Outdoor Elvis :wink:


Did you know…

The California school teachersunion was responsible for the Battle of New Orleans?:cool:

Alright Will, I will not fall for that for the 15th time. :wink:
Danmmit I am slooooooow:(

ELVIS?!?! Is that who that was in the picture???

I thought it was Jerry Lee somebody or other…