Good help is hard to find :(

I am so busy I had to hire this new guy, but he only made it one day.


No appreciation at all

mikemarino2 (Small).JPG

How dare he use my measuring tape with out asking

mikemerino3 (Small).JPG

I always lock it to keep clients from leaving before I get paid.
Whats wrong with that?

Just Kidding as this is newer interNACHI member Mike Merino.
He did a great job and I was glad to meet the man, as he found some issues before I did , including a suction line up against a light globe in the furnace closet which would have stopped anyone from removing it.

I think he has a good future in the inspection business.

If you spent any time at all with Bob, you would want to jump too.:smiley:

I thank Bob for taking me on a very successful ride-along, everything was very educational, although I thought the fondling was a bit much. I digress. Just kidding Bob.

I learned a lot today, and saw an inspector who truly works for the client.
I learned a few tricks and saw some things I didn’t even think about.
I can’t thank Bob enough for the chance and the education.

Thank you very much Bob.

I do not think I needed to show you much as it was more like having a partner.

Feel good about the ride along buddy. Good luck and get that website going.
I am sure Dominic will help with that.

That is your most important next step.

I better get on that report , as you know we had lots to write about.

That was very nice of you Bob to help someone out…!

I bet Mike will be a great inspector…!

I just wish he was single, so we could have partnered up after the inspection.
That was a good singles area.

Gay are you?----:lol:

Oh I got myself laughing----:lol:

It’s been a LONG day Bob----:lol:

I talked to Brian Kelly tonight, he said he did an inspection in a retirement community today, claimed the women were looking good to him—:lol:

LOL. Retirement home? So not just cougars but sabre tooth tigers…:mrgreen:

Maybe One-Tooth Tiger huh Steve?----:-&-------:shock:------:lol:------:-&

Let’s hope she not so old she drags the one she has…:shock:

You have me confused with your California buddy.:slight_smile:

Those older ladies have experience.

They know how to take care of a man.

Eyesight is the first to go.

First he’s jumping in 5 gallon buckets of paint, now he’s checking out the chicks in Depends. :mrgreen: