GOOD Home Inspection Training

David…Thanks so Much for you report .
It looks like ASHIA or ASHI North OAHI/CAHPI) are all showing there self centered attitude .
I have to agree with you NACHI ( might not be perfect ) but it sure does more and their members do too.
I too have had much success for getting thing and help for a show from NACHI
We in NACHI can tell each other what we feel and there is no punishment . We can complain about the leadership and again there is no punishment .
If in Canada you are out spoken you are disciplined as they (OAHI) sees fit usually with no regard to the proper procedure or following of proper protocol.
Ask for an hearing or appeal and you get ignored .
I guess I ( Roy Cooke ) was the only one to ever be granted and appeal and they ( OAHI) was shown to completely disregard their own rules .
They have not allowed any one since 2003 to have even the courtesy for following up on complaints.
This will show up when they try to push through their illegal national Certification and I and others take them to court.
Roy Cooke


I was very disappointed with Harry,the man literally died in my arms!!If it wasn’t for his pacemaker he would have died for good.This was at Humber College I asked him if he was up to doing the class a few weeks later and he said yes.
He did not want us to climb the roof,he was not with us in critical areas showing us the proper inspection procedures,he basically was in the family room sitting down.We did our reports and he went over them on site,the homeowners arrived and we had to leave,that was the end of inspection.Claude we were not offered anything to drink the entire time we were there not even a glass of water!Some of us left for a few minutes looking for a coffee shop.I spent $200 for this inspection,I guess I expected more out of this.
It’s not the money Claude it’s the fact that I feel rip off.And I’m not easily fooled,As my late boxing coach {SULLY}used to say,drop your guard and you WILL get hurt.



Yes I was talking about the Georgetown inspection.I’m sorry without seeing you again or a picture I would not remember you.It was not for health reasons that he only did half the class.


Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Harry one of the directors!


It is nice to see you on board here at NACHI Hope to meet you again at the Toronto convention!


P.S.As far as Harry is concerned we all hope that he is doing better.

Mario - I will personally offer you $100 back from me - not ISS if you feel - as you state - that you feel ripped off! That is certainly not my corporate belief for ISS to portray. As I stated we are having a directors meeting next week and I will bring this issue to the table.

You may personally contact me at my email - and a check for $100 will be mailed to you. I had a similar policy with inspections - money back - if you are not satisfied.

Regards, Claude


Thanks for the offer, this is not your fault or doing.I’m declining your offer,but it shows me that you are a class act.And I did not intend to mention names ,for that I apologize.I think when I started to post my Greek blood started to boil.My intentions were not to smear anyone.
Having said all this,I think if someone was selling you something and you only received half of it you would be pissed as well.I have been in business since 1985 and have clients since then!When I’m contracted to do something,I deliver. I’m not a hard person to get along with but at the same time I’m no fool,I let this slide because of Harry’s condition.


P.S Claude it’s done with let it go.Thanks


The director is Allen Bennett. He as a director has no business running for office and then turning around and thinking he can shirk his responsibility in such a manner! Now he is president of AATO, I can only hope in his new role he treats AATO members with respect and appreciate the obligations which come with office. Imagine a director running around stating he is a volunteer and is not compensated!

I laid a complaint with the DPPC about Mr. Bennett and they did a white wash. Then Mr. Bennett filed a complaint with the DPPC against me and suggested I take an Ethical course. I don’t think Mr. Bennett has the slightest clue about ethics, let alone the responsibilities of office, nor how to service the memberships queries and concerns, because he is not compensated. Shameful!

Note the name Dave at the bottom of the communication below. I guess we know who Bennett takes his marching orders from an Associate who has been in that level for 8 long years and can’t even garner the strength to file complaints himself.


  Raymond, please substantiate any and/or all of your claims. It is my position that all of this is false save the fact that I am the Registrar of the AATO.

Your message is not that of a professional and is of a very amateurish script. Perhaps you should take some Ethics courses, English courses or start writing for a tabloid.

This message has been BCC’d to the executive of the OAHI and will become part of a complaint I will forward to the DPPC if you can or do not substantiate this message within 24 hours or retract it with a full apology on the forum it was posted and any/all other forums you posted to.


Andrew Bennett RHI A.Sc.T. M.A.A.T.O.
BOD member of OAHI

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I am a member of OAHI, and I can tell you that things are not being managed properly and some of the by-laws are being breached, as is PR 158, and there are serious concerns about OAHI not putting out monthly BOD minutes as required and as they have don in the past, nor any financial info! They have increased the membership rates by decree without explaining the need nor providing financial info to the membership so the membrs themselves can see what is what to have justified the increase. The Admissions review committee is run by a select few who exceed their authority big time. They are accountable only to themselves the BOD operates in its own camp and the two together work independently. These are the same people who tell you everything is fine, when ample evidence suggests otherwise. A full and complete audit is required. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear right?

If you are residing in Ontario I was told that OAHI will be overseeing Certification in Ontario. You have nothing to fear but the fear of zealots.

By the way and this is factual. OAHI has threatened to silence me for 90 days, and after ninety days they threaten to suspend me for a year! All this from a Director who has no concept of his role and is on a power trip. He is also the Registrar of another self regulating body. Obviously he and some of his cohorts are putting OAHI in a very precurious situation legal wise. I wonder if members want their directors overstepping their roles and duties, and actions which could result in very expensive legal costs to their association.

This is not the first time members have been threatened with lawsuits, threats, intimidation, abuse of power to silence the whistle blowers and those who know full well what is going on.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

Hey Mario

I didn’t think the Greeks were hot tempered. I thought the Italians were?

Its amazing how all the little stories from different sources keep filtering out about OAHI-CAHPI and its poor treatment of members, its closed door mentality, the wasteful spending of membership money on frivilous ventures and other procedural lapses in judgement. Time and time again we keep hearing about what OAHI is prepared to do to keep the house of horrors from being run properly. I guess one only has to look at the election platforms of the current crop of directors. Pittiful and shameful. Makes me wonder if they are capable of producing proper reports, they sure don’t know there roles as directors, they cannot even formulate replies, let alone in a timely manner, and without due process.

It has come to light that the information on the OAHI public site is unreliable as to being factual. Makes you wonder what else is amiss in OAHI. Misleading information from a self regulating body. Nice!


I know the Italians are,my wife is Italian! I’m from Cyprus an Island country, we are all hot tempered


Well it seems from unconfirmed reports that Mr. Daley has resigned from the OAHI PR committee. The OAHI site seems to be misrepresenting the facts it knows to be in error. As I have said before how much information on the OAHI site is reliable? In this regard the onus is on OAHI to update its website asap and keep it up to date.

I would welcome Mr. Brian Daley and Mr. Charters Kenny to post here as non-members their offered courses.

In this regard I would like to appologize for any slights or misgivings I have portrayed based on the information as I have experienced first hand and information garnered from the OAHI website and improper procedures enacted by the PR committee. Members of OAHI should ensure they are not being portrayed as being on committees which clearly they are not, and any appearance that they condone improper actions most likely unkown to them.