Good inspecetion article

Good Article! Thanks for sharing.

Seems like unfinished wood trim/siding is always an issue within 5 years. It’s either too close to the roof of they don’t paint/seal the bottom edge before it’s installed.

I agree, some photo’s of a court case I worked on.

Turnberry 014 (Small).JPG

Turnberry 002 (Small).JPG

Turnberry 015 (Small).JPG

Turnberry 031 (Small).JPG

Great article! After spending many years in the building trades it always amazed me how even experienced tradesman would overlook simple details that make a world of difference in the life span of a new home.

did it ever occur that todays builders dont want it to last? they want a turn over and another house to build.

Bingo! The US housing market has become a consumable market just like food, tv, phones, cars, clothes etc…
There are poor as well as good builders out there, hiring very cheap labor because we, the consumer, don’t want to pay the real price of quality, because we know we will be gone within 7 years and the circle is complete :wink:

Now having said that, a lot of builders out there aren’t hiring the proper superintendents (read willing to pay enough) who can really manage their site(s) and the quality being built.

good stuff, Joe, thanks.