Good IR prices?

Anyone know of cheaper prices than Inspector outlet? I am interested in a C2 or E4. Dont suggest John M. His site says to email him about prices. I emailed him about the C2 and he said he doesn’t sell toys. Then I emailed about the E4 and he said “I do not know the prices on low level cameras”
So I am just wondering if any one has any other ideas.

  1. Go to Inspector Outlet.

  2. Click on your camera, either or

  3. Click the membership drop down menu.

  4. Select “InterNACHI members: contact us”

  5. Click the check box(s) beneath it.

  6. Click “Add to Cart” button

  7. Type “InterNACHI” without the quotation marks in the “Coupon Code:” box. (SSSSHHHH, don’t tell everyone about this)

You won’t find better pricing or warranty anywhere.

thank you

I did not make the comment about toys. I don’t make false statements about you on the forum. Please do the same. Thanks

Wow! Good to know

Inspector outlet has the best prices hands down.

Inspector Outlet rocks. I don’t sell cameras.

Inspector Outlet has always treated me well and I had a question on a tool recently and Nickoli helped me personally on the brand as well as the price. Thanks!!

Nick at Nachi is always helping me wheel and deal on many auxiliary services. (I am always the 11th or later to post on the first 10 that reply win a…)
Thanks for always taking the time to assist me with my inspection needs.

John M has been great anytime I have asked him questions (recently started IR webinar) Thank you!!

All have responded quickly and have been more than professional in the 10+ years I have been a member. Great work!!

So you don’t recommend contacting John for pricing on equipment that he advises you not to use. John is one of many who have consistently told members that this class of imager is not suitable for building inspections. What were you expecting?

You might as well contact Nick for where to find the best deal on an ASHII membership

I think he just wasn’t expecting a tool…