Good Luck Everyone!!!

Good Luck to Everyone Tomorrow. Time to use the NEW WIND MIT FORM!!

God Be with you all…your gonna need it!!!



Been using it…

It’s really not a big deal. I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. Yes, some things on there require more leg work, but you have the option to do it yourself (and charge for it) or let the customer get the proof on certain items.

Stop worrying about who gets credits and just fill out the form. This new form is pretty much self explanatory. I see it as an opportunity to raise my prices.

If you read these boards everyone is too worried about a client not getting a credit. Well, its time to wake up and smell the roses. This is exactly what the insurance industry wants. Instead of all this complaining about a form, we need to be writing (relentlessly) to the powers that control the insurance industry to get this tom-foolery to stop. Unfortunately it will probably take lawsuits to make a change, and none of us have pockets that deep.


And for me, so far, much easier.

Same as before. The new form clears some things up.

Just started with the new form. It will take a little time to get used to it but so far so good.

One thing I like is that the wall construction section is gone. Don’t have to measure each house to get the area of the gables and wood walls. The inspections are actually faster.

just finished my first one with new form…and i agree it was MUCH easier…:slight_smile:


No problem here. If you charge enough, nothing is an issue…:wink:

The new form sucks period.

I just took a live class and it was useless.

If you are anything other than a home inspector how are you supposed to know about all the made up exceptions to what the form states.

I think anyone who goes by what a approved course teaches is crazy. The one I was in today said so many thing that are nowhere on the form. That means no one but home inspectors are going to do the way that these providers are teaching. None of the others that are qualified would even dream up 1/2 the crap I heard. I believe we should all read the form and only answer and provide the information requested. To do any more and come to decisions based on crap in a course that go directly against what the form says to do is crazy. The whole roof measurement methodology is crap. He even said it goes against what the form states but that is what the insurance companies accept. Am I wrong or do the insurance companies have to abide by the damn form or not? If the form says to come to a decision one way that is the only way it should be done. If you do it differently and sign you name you are lying and committing fraud.
He said many of the things he has added comes directly from those doing inspections and what they have been told by the insurance companies. In other words made up.

The way he spoke would make you think Citizens and the OIR are one.

Who’s class?

I’ll send you a private message.
He donated his time and is a good gy so I do not wish to trash him personally.