Good luck to all

Thanks Nick.

Good luck to all to to all a good night.

Time to go for a bike ride to look at lights with my daughter Maelee :slight_smile:

Nathan Susdorf
Kouts, IN

Thanks Nick! Merry Christmas!

I mean… Merry Christmas!

Enjoy Mike

Ok, I am home, when does the Party begin? ;):slight_smile:

Merry Christmas Mike.

same to you all :slight_smile:

Well I am back.

The King of Bad luck.

Pumped up daughters and my tires and found my cup holder broken. No sweat I’ll take one for the little one. 3 pedal strokes into it her front tire is dead flat. All I can assume is tube was dried out and when I inflated it to proper pressure it popped.

Nothing like disappointing a 7 year old to start off your evening :frowning:

Where’s the “Nog”.?

I got the Captain Morgan’s! :stuck_out_tongue: