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of course you want to steal business from other inspectors. There’s only so many being done and you want some more of them. you wont get much help here if you dont add your location to your profile. people dont like to help their competition

its going to take time. get your name in the yellow pages. talk to realtors. lots of this business comes from word of mouth. if your area is saturated with inspectors, you may never get a lot of business. I just finished my first year and I got about 75 inspections. the first 6 months I did like 7.

Try getting a real job.:p:p

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You’re going to have to get jobs that usually go to someone else. Do some good market reaseach and find out who all your competition are if you haven’t already done so. Statistics say most people don’t buy on price alone so don’t be the lowest price, but offer perhaps an extra service for your regular price. A realtor told me he likes an inspector who can talk with the clients about solutions to problems and how the information is presented, instead of just giving a list of problems.

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I’ll clue you into a couple simple facts of the real estate business that may help your mindset.

First, whether your’re in the business (sales, inspections, mortgages, whatever) or not there will be X number of real estate transactions this month in your area. You have absolutely no control over that.

Second, the 80/20 of business rule applies (and in real estate it’s more like 95/5 in my opinion), meaning that most of the business being done will be by relatively few people, while the majority of folks in the business will be starving - Good market or bad. No exceptions.

So your task is to try to figure out how to become one of the 20%, instead of the starving 80%; meaning that you have to take business from someone else.

Sort of - One difference in real estate sales/home inspection is that the majority of the people in the business are Single Practitioners, and can only do so many transactions by themselves in a given day/week/month.

I once sold 21 houses in a single month, it damn near killed me (and kept me so busy that I didn’t sell but one for the next two months) - I never equaled that feat again.

So because of scenarios like that there will likely be some left over people out there you can help, without hurting other (top 20%) inspectors; until you get real busy anyway.

One thing to keep in mind is that early on you’ll probably only get the crap work that no one else wants (junk houses, nasty people, PITA Realtors) until you establish a “name” for yourself. Until then business will be spotty.

So you need patience. If you are trying to get Agent Referrals than you need to keep after them or they’ll forget who you are. If you are trying to live via the Internet, then you have to get traffic to your site, and once you have that you need to evaluate and reevaluate your site until it generates leads for you. Same with more traditional forms of advertising.

Test and evaluate, test and evaluate, test and evaluate…then concentrate on what is working best for you - Which may be different from the rest of us.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Al in TN

Andrew: Synergy (doing a bunch of things right) is a miracle.


Another thing you can try is this: Close your eyes and imagine the ultimate, ultimate, ultimate inspection company. What would their vehicle look like? What would they dress like? How would they present themselves to agents, their clients, and their community? What would their website look like? What certifications would they have? What services would they offer? What would their brochures look like? What would their newsletter look like? What would they sound like when you call their office? Would they be running their own InterNACHI Chapter, inviting all the local agents, and explaining to them how will help their real estate businesses? How would they be bigger and better than every other inspection company?

Write down everything you can about this imaginary inspection company. Then start doing everything to become them as fast as you can.

This is the first time I’ve ever admitted it publicly… but this is the system I used to grow InterNACHI. I dreamed of what the ultimate inspection association would be, wrote down everything they would offer and do, then tried to make InterNACHI become them, as fast as possible. Staffers still use a version of this system to continue making InterNACHI bigger and better.

Nick, this is by far one of the best posts I have ever read of yours. Great advice…and I didn’t need Rosetta Stone to try and figure it out!:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Yes, excellent post/advice Nick :slight_smile:

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Great advice Nick!

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Andrew, change your profile to include your location. You might get some hints from local inspectors. The markets are vastly different in most areas of the country as are the pricing structures and regional expectations from the buyers, sellers and agents.

Good luck.

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