Good narrative about the heat exchanger

I just reviewed an inspection report. A member of my association had an issue with his inspection. His client had his furnace cleaned AFTER he purchased the house, and the tech recommended replacing the furnace because of the condition of its heat exchanger. $3,000.

So, long story short…
I recommend learning from what language this inspector had in the report:
“the burner chamber was concealed during the inspection”
“rust, scale and other debris observed”
“a review by a licensed HVAC contractor to ensure proper and safe operation of the unit”
“inspection for holes and/or cracks in heat exchangers is not within the scope of a home inspection”
“should be performed prior to closing”

letter-response-Mountain-Association.pdf (138 KB)
The letter of response that I wrote to the inspector (and his client).

It is impossible to see a crack in the heat exchanger.
Watch this video to see how IMPOSSIBLE it is.

Be careful about what you say in your report about heat exchangers.