Good news for inspectors who do sewer scopes in TX

Just got this news and wanted to provide all of you an update on the sewer scoping issue. The Plumbing Board rule that removes language limiting the ability to scope of a sewer line to a licensed plumbers was been adopted by the Plumbing Board. This means inspectors no longer need to be dually licensed as plumbers to use a camera to scope a sewer line.

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As was discussed at the Committee meeting, the amended Plumbing Board rule no longer requires a someone to be licensed as a plumber to scope a sewer line inspections with a camera. However, also discussed was the competency requirement for inspectors. Section 1102.301 of the Occupations Code prohibits an inspector from performing an inspection in a negligent or incompetent manner. While inspectors are not prohibited from going beyond the scope of the SOPs when conducting an inspection, an inspector must still maintain competency when doing so. If it is determined that an inspector conducted a sewer scope incompetently or negligently, TREC could take disciplinary action against the inspector.

Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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Where would I find out that info for the state of Alaska?

Alaska does not prohibit InterNACHI members from doing sewer scope inspections. It was only Texas.

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