Good news regarding NACHI group rate health insurance.

Backed by President Bush, the US Senate passed S.1955. This bill is designed to allow national associations (like NACHI) the ability to offer their members affordable family health plans at group rates.

There are some major differences between the House and Senate versions which will have to worked out in Conference Committee. The House version seems to be the most popular. This reconciliation won’t take place until April or May.

As many of you know, NACHI has been working on a group health plan for our entire membership. We’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for all the efforts

That’s great, thank you!

In New York- Downstate New York, there is a program for Licensed Home Inspectors, as well as Licensed Apprsiers, etc. -Technically any Professional Licensee in New York State residing in Nassau, Suffolk or Queens Counties. The Organization, Long Island Association (in Commack, NY) offers an Association plan (actually multiple plans) that range from a low of 175 per month single and 400 month family to an elite plan of 400 per month single and 1000 per month family- and multiple plans in between- Overall their rates are very competitive and the fee to join the LIA is only $ 300 annually so the cost to become a member is not very expensive for New York.

Presently this is the group I have been referring my grads to, but once NACHI is able to provide a program for its members, I will immediately be able to tell them about it. I am happy to say that, to date over 100 of my graduates in New York State have become NACHI members over the past 6 months and I am planning to help make this 300 new members before the end of the year.

Again, thank you NACHI for offering a great Association, great discounts, a forum for multiple exchange of ideas and assistance in almost every facet of Home Inspection.

Nick- and Deanna, Keep Up The Good Work!