Good place to compare websites and see analytics.

You can add other URLs.

Not sure I understand it.

I compared 5 of my sites but have no idea what rank potential is since it is not using any keywords as a basis from what I can tell.

I rank according to what ever keywords I am targeting but have know idea what their targets are.

And how do you choose those keywords to target?

Bob, it’s looking at the number of links to the site, their age & quality, etc.

OK but a Page authority of 10 for instance means ranked 10th in the whole internet or 10th as compared to…?

Page Authority goes from 0 to 100… 100 being the best (top).

Here is a whiteboard explanation of it:

I plugged in my site and compared to my competitors. I scored at least 50% higher than all but one and he’s not really a competitor as hes about an hour away from my town

Thanks , just wrapped up a report and will check it out .
This is new for me.

Cool, let me wrap up my reports, run to the bank and get something to eat. I’ll tweet my opinion.

Got you beat Bob. :stuck_out_tongue:

And Billy needs to do a lot of work on his site. :wink:

40 .43 .34


I beat him too. Pretty sad.