Good samaritan

Thought this was kind of cute.

I inspected a home in Mississauga - 30 year old, 2 storey “executive”. Home was incredibly well kept. It was more like inspecting a 3 year old home. Home had had a fire. My clients told me they asked for documentation for work done and the sellers refused. I made a very clear recommendation in the report that they pursue the seller for information and that we don’t check for permits etc. As much as the work appeared well done, hearing that the seller wasn’t forthcoming was odd, to say the least.

I left my clients and their agent inside as I started to pack up. I went to the drive and found someone had written into the dirt on my jeep what you’ll see in the pic.

I asked the client to follow up with me as the deal progresses. I’m interested to see what transpires.

Nice to know people still care out there. I’ve had a few “heads up” from good neighbours over the years (have to be cautious, of course). Anyone one else been “helped out”?

Mark Ellison
Amerispec Toronto West