Good source for mobile/manufactured home regulations?

Looking for something applicable across the US that I can use to build a library of narratives for inspecting mobile/manufactured homes.

Kenton, try this one here if it helps. 41 pages

I found the HUD regulations, but It’s basically a code book. Trying to filter out what’s relevant is… well, I was hoping to find a source that had already done that to some degree!

Thanks Marcel, that’s closer to what I had in mind , but I’m afraid it’ll be different for different states.

What specifically do you call relevant?

I don’t know Marcel. I can’t tell what might be Maine specific and what might apply to all states. By “relevant” I mean things that inspectors are actually likely to find.

The more I look through these HUD regulations, the more it looks like creating a library for mobile homes is a waste of time. Looks like most of this stuff is manufacturer compliance and the rest is deficiencies that apply to most homes anyway.

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That is correct, Manufactured Homes are all specific to HUD for specifications and guidelines that Manufactures have to abide to.

Your narratives would be based on what is learned in this?
You could base your narratives on some of the info in that course, couldn’t you?

Marcel is correct. All manufactured homes have to meet HUD building requirements listed in the Federal Register. The only thing that’s site specific is the foundation/anchor, drainage, etc.

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