Good to be back, have a great Holiday!

In the Caribbean for a week, snorkeling, scuba, hanging with friends, all very nice, a good time, but it’s good to be back and to work.

I guess I’m not one of those who could embrace that island lifestyle for very long. Much as it’s offered up as some sort of ideal or “paradise” I would find it rather one dimensional.

I like the cool air up here and the seasons and even the grittiness of urban life.

And I really like working, I am very happy with our profession and feel very lucky/grateful to have found it.

I do appreciate this organization and this message board and participants, I have learned here and have passed on some things as well.

So, here is a Holiday Greeting to all and best wishes for a great, prosperous and serene New Year!


Well said.

Welcome back and lets see you jump back into work and get rid of that island lag you picked up;-)

Getting right back to it Paul!
Doing two today but should be a quiet week with Xmas on Thursday.

Even down on the island I didn’t laze about much, my friends can just hang out on the beach for hours but I prefer doing something like snorkeling. I had a rental gas golf cart for getting around and would give rides to locals and tourists.
Gave a ride to mother, father and son from Ukraine. The father is a radiological scientist and was one of the first people in to Chernobyl after the disaster!

You never know who you’ll meet…

welcome back

Welcome back and Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Welcome back!! and happy holidays to you and your family.

Nice gratitude post!