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Here is a cool formula.
It will give you how many sheets of drywall you will need.
I have used this one over and over again.
The last house I used this on I only needed another 1/2 sheet.

Total square foot of home divided by the square foot of the board times 3.5

Example: 2000 ft home using 4X12 sheets . The 48 is the size of the board in sf ( i.e. 4X12=48 ) . If they were 4X8 sheets it would be 32.

2000 sf / 48 = 41.666 X 3.5 = 145.833 sheets (using 4X12 sheets)

2000 sf /32=62.5 =218.74 sheets (using 4X8 sheets)


If you have a useful formula post it.

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It been a while since I posted these.
For the new guys these can be helpful.
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Dropbox - Formulas.pdf

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The old carpenter formula for squaring a wall was 6-8-10.
Meaing…6’ on one leg of the wall, 8’ on the other…should be 10’ across.

It is displayed in one of the formulas you have. Just simplified.