Good with photoshop?

I need a photo altered a little but it requires more expertise than anyone here has. Anyone want to take a shot at it?
I need a bruised knot put on this guy’s head.

Kenton 303-717-8940

How big of a bruise?

Probably in proportion to that goliath of a hail boulder. :mrgreen:

LOL, I think you mean a DENT then!

Ok this i gotta see, please post final pic

Or gash!

There has to be a good blood bath too, not just a bruise, being that the ice hasn’t melted yet.

Will do , give me a few minutes.

You need to resort to Photoshopping a photo to prove a point?

A hailstone that size, that would have hit that gentleman on the head,
would have killed him.

Stick to reality, and I’ll be a believer…:roll:

This iNACHI Steven.

Staff has been know to hype things just a bit.:shock:

I hear ya Mike.

I still maintain that a hailstone that size, woulda put him out.:shock:

We’ll try the bump and the dent for fun. I could do better with more time but have been doing this in between support calls.

Oops posting the original instead of the bump

Appears to be a fatal wound

I agree. Must have happened during a weekend at Bernies.

How’s this?

How about one of these? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, Frank’s are great!

Man! You guys are good. Frank’s is a little scary! I just wanted to add a littl humor, I don’t want to send viewers running from the room.

They’re telling me now I might have trouble getting permission to use this photo.