Goodbye Crimea. Hello Cold War...

I’m old enough to remember Kruschev banging his shoe at the U.N. and certainly the Cuban Missile Crisis where Kennedy called Kruschev’s - and Castro’s - bluff! To me, Putin and Crimea are looming in the same direction! This ‘‘leader’’ acts like a bull in a china shop and seems to be on a power trip!

And, to add fuel to the (already burning) fire, he’s enjoying unprecedented popularity in Russia!

Sanctions may have limited effects and Putin will quite obviously not listen to the West’s warnings.

Beware an BE aware!


Except it never happened.

I thought it was true for a long time too.

As far as Crimea, look up where they get most of their electricity and natural gas from.

Hint: its not Russia.

this is probably going to get much uglier before it is stable again.

I agree. He has armies in over 132 sovereign nations. He keeps wars going on and on for years. He runs torture camps. He keeps P.O.W.s in permanent captivity, even though they were captured on their own property. He refers to people defending their own homeland from a more powerful far away foreign invader as “insurgents” instead of what they are… patriots. He attacks schools with sissy drones. I’m talking about Obama of course.

Nick, why don’t you run for President and get us where we need to be? You have my vote for 8 years or 2 terms.

As I predicted yesterday, PUTIN is wasting no time in implementing his agenda, period! Meanwhile, Obama seems to be hiding under a bed!

An ‘‘emergency referendum’’ should be held across Ukraine next Sunday - or before - to get Ukraine to join NATO! Further, the West should warn Putin in no uncertain terms that any advance of Russian troops onto Ukranian territory will be considered an act of war, immediately moving NATO forces for ‘‘exercises’’!

Time to put the money where the mouth is! This IS hardball, Barack!


I’ll vote for ya Nick :slight_smile: Can I be V.P. Pleeeeeeeese :slight_smile: I wanna know about aliens :slight_smile: real or not? Known or unknown? I even take the rap for cutting every bit of foreign aid.

The U.S. has no right to complain about other countries invading smaller, weaker countries. Death to invaders… regardless of what costumes they are wearing. If the soil or sand stuck between the treads of your army boots doesn’t belong to you… you’re trespassing. Go back home, or more importantly for me… come back home. Don’t kill for Putin or Obama, and certainly don’t die for them.

The U.S. has no business in the Ukraine.

Crimea could be very cold and without power next Winter.

I’m sure that will work well.

Seems those living there wish to be annexed so it is none of our business.
The Ukraine if worried should now sign documentation to partner with EU .
End of issue.

Anyone familiar with the exact process that was involved when the USSR broke up into many countries and who decided what border goes where because I am not so how could I even have a side in this ?

I imagine most of us are the same when it comes to knowing the details past headlines in the paper.

Sorry to disagree Michael. I’m currently in the South of France (I do work there…) and watching CNN. Like you, I do not like military confrontation. However, PUTIN is on a power trip and thinks he can actually re-assemble the old USSR!

As I mentioned before, my feeling is that this guy is like a bull in a china shop! He MUST be stopped! In fact, I wrote a letter to him today on the ‘‘President’s Website’’.

And I agree with Bob Elliott


Man, no matter what there is always a war that needs US help.

Rather than criticize Putin or Obama I want to know what is the price in lives and dollars for us to get involved.

For once I hope America works on making America strong for its individual citizens and proud of its homeland achievements.

I hope we stay out of this schoolyard brawl.

I agree with Nick. Bring ALL OUR PEOPLE HOME. NOW!!!

They have no way to get gas and electricity from Russia.

I could care less what Putin is up to.

If Europe feels threatened, they should deal with it. We have no interest there.

The Crimeans can do what ever they wish.

It will be interesting to see how they solve their very real power and heating fuel problem. And you probably won’t hear about it on CNN.

Do you think Ukraine will sell to them? At what price?

Or Guantanamo.

Guantanamo is US control because of a 1903 treaty.

get over it.

Cuba has yet to cash any of our rent checks, but that isn’t my point. The U.S. can’t really complain about human rights issues any longer, now that we know Obama has been operating a P.O.W. torture camp.

We can all just take down those black P.O.W.-M.I.A. You are not forgotten flags and discard them. They make us look silly.

Do you have to garbage up another perfectly good thread about some other totally different issue?

Next you will be demanding we turn all land in this country back over to the Indians.

Where does one stop?

I agree with Mike.

We have no business there and personally, I could care less about Crimea or the Ukraine.

The Crimean people voted and want to merge back with Russia, what business is that of ours, or anyone else.

At welcoming home those war criminals who dishonorably committed torture while wearing my flag.

They can close Guantanamo tomorrow but the those being held have no place to go.

Why do invite them to live in your back yard?

Not all problems have easy solutions.