This is very cool. Google now has a free 411 service where not only can you ask for a listing, you can ask for a category like ‘pizza’, then it will list off pizza places in your area, send you a text message with the info and even a map of the area if you have internet on your phone. So much for me paying $10 a month to Sprint for 411!

Check it out: they have a video of a guy using it.

very nice

Maybe I missed it but how are they selecting who to connect you with? I did not find any information about advertsing on it other than you can not advertise on this service:

They are probably pulling the information from their google maps service which has it’s own phone and address directory. Look at and type in your location and a subject (even home inspectors). I posted in Marketing a few weeks back about how to make sure you appear there. I bet if you make sure it list yourself there, you will appear on the phone listings too.

Yup found it! To make sure you’re listed, you need to make sure you’re listed here:

Imaging that, someone calling GOOG411 and asking for a home inspector and they list you :smiley:

#1 Listing in my area :smiley: thanks Dominic … didn’t know about this service.

Awesome! I think I’ll cross post this into marketing as well as it seems it should fit there!

Chris, what city did you ask for by the way?

If you service more than one city, it is hard to get listed with Google
for that local area… because they want to send you a post card
in the mail in order to verify your real location.

Dingmans Ferry, PA … it’s nice when I can get home with in a half hour from my inspection :smiley:

Ok, that makes perfect sense since you’re listed first here too:
So they must pull this listings right from there.

If you use text messaging, Google has an answer for that too. Text whatever you are looking for to GOOGLE (466453) on your keypad, and you will get a quick text back from google with the information. I have used it quite a bit for finding a business when I am in an unfamiliar area or need a phone number.

The other service I use is Free 411. Call 1-800-free-411 (1-800-373-3411) to get a free directory assistance from any phone.

Tried it today for movies and then tried Home Inspection to find I was listed with a home number I never give out.

Here’s where they pulledy our info from.,+IL&ie=UTF8&latlng=41966574,-87801446,12697368584598827556&ei=9yxGR86gKZyejQOk5KHeAQ&cd=1&dtab=0
Is that your home phone number listed there?

cool! thanks

Im listed #2 not bad!

Dom , no it was not from that link so the theory of how they list may be wrong.

I’ve had one other guy tell me he wasn’t listed in a city even though he was on the list. I thought they might only be looking at people who’ve edited their own sections but even that isn’t true. Did you come up Bob? What order were you when you called vs online?