Google Apps?

I was wondering if anyone is using the Google Apps package? and what you thought of them?
free or Enterprise edition?

I have been using Docs a little for file storage though it makes a lousy online word Processor as far as that part of it goes.
G-Mail is good.
Try Think Free if you are interested in a good word processor storage combo though.HopeI helped a little.
How much they looking for?

Google apps is AWESOME. I use it on about 10 domains. We use it on to offer all our inspectors a email address, as well as have access to work on documents, spreadsheets, calendar and more all for free (to them, and to us).

I also use it on several places I consult with, including a school where I have created over 3000 accounts setup. The students love it as they can work from home, school and anywhere else.

My personal opinion, there is no reason to upgrade to the Enterprise edition for $50 a user per year. The free edition works great and 2 gigs of email space is more than enough.

If you have any questions, I can help you out. I’ve been using the service for more than 2 years now.


Awesome, now those are the type of references I like to hear about.
Thanks guys,
I’ll try out the free version :smiley:

I like using the Goggle Calendar. you can attach maps and tons of detail to the schedule and get a birds eye view of what each inspector has going on at any given time… and you can also view your day or week as a scheule agenda. just a great tool…

Yes the tools are great. We have it all integrated into our users account (which is hosted by google). If anyone wants a free account, let me know.