Google does it again

If you guys are like me you occasionaly surf the net in a never ending quest to educate yourself.
What I do is add articles and PDF’s images etc; into files on my computer taking up hard disk space as I go.
Well I am sure some of you know about this but I just discovered Google note books where you can surf the net adding peices of info as go and not needing to leave the site to save anything.just right click and hit notebook save where you can store in a second anything you see and add comments, tags headers,or other features.
Really cool if you have not seen this before.Seems like a fantastic way research for reports or blogs.

Thanks for the information Robert!! I can use all the help I can get.

Yeah check it out.
Just got busy with a dead ejector pump.

Is this something like ??

A little but not really, if you try it u can save sections and paste them together almost like a template with a link to the sites included automaticly.
It"s better.