Google+ for You and I

Someone suggested this in the Facebook thread. So here is one for google plus.
Plus me, and I’ll plus you.
Mine is in my signature:D


Here is mine:

Hit the Google button below my photo, let me know and I’ll do the same!
I hit yours Mike and Samuel!



Here is mine, let me know if the link doesn’t work. Still learning this Google+

I got the above

It works Shawn.

got everyone above.


I have everybody up to here, except Dave. Your link takes me to mobile version of G+
Just added Carl

Got ya back, Thanks!


I just noticed a comment by Kate, the website review Super Woman :slight_smile: suggesting g+ was less than favorable. Can anyone expound on that? Hopefully this finds its way to Kate.

Bottom left on my website, link in my signature


Mine is on the RH side of my homepage.

Hey guys… make it easy if you want the hits! POST your link in this thread!!!

I have everybody who has bothered to post a link here!

Tom… you really should fix this to make it clickable. Most will not bother to “cut & paste”. That’s on you if you want the hits. Just sayin’.

Seems it would be faster to just plus everyone who pluses you on the actual Google plus.
Go there and just start plusing people.Most will reciprocate.
Wonder how much longer Google will keep it .

Google plus is now integrated in everything else, I don’t think it will go anywhere for a while.
Hey Bob, go hit my button. :wink:

That works for the people that plus you but for new folks getting in the circle, you can post here.

Here is mine:

I’m going to go back through this thread and hit everyone else.

Hitting up everyone else.