Google Front Page & News Update

InterNACHI’s Infrared Training Course is growing in traffic and attentio****n. shows up on google’s front page with terms such as…

Infrared Training
Thermal Imaging Training
Infrared Certification

We also have a higher Alexa ranking than all the other pages, except FLIR.

FLIR has contacted us and wants our company to field test their camera and appear
at some of their upcoming seminars. They have offered some other neat things too
… more info to follow soon.

We are getting calls from contractors as well as home inspectors who want
to take our IR class.

A couple nation wide marketing companies have picked up the promotion of our
class as well and we now have an online pay per view video course.

InterNACHI offers $100 off next years dues to those who take our IR class.

We have been selected to be one of the featured speakers at the Toronto
Inspector Success seminar and the Inspector Universe convention (date pending).

More states are pending approval of our IR class and online TV course.
We are already approved in several states for onsite and teleconference
infrared training.

We are scheduling more classes in the U.S. and Canada.

Thanks to Nick and office staff for all their help. Also thanks to Dominic
for his help as well. Thanks to those NACHI chapter heads who have
helped us too.

Congrats, John!

I know you have worked hard for this :slight_smile: