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My Google profile has been disabled twice this time it has been for about a month. I have been in business for 12 years with no issues, I don’t mess with my profile page. I can’t figure out what the problem is. I have one fellow home inspector working on it for free with no success to this point by making modifications and resubmitting it for approval to Google. I am desperate at this point, I have pretty much lost my business. I have found multiple companies that charge an arm and leg to get a profile reinstated and force you to sign up for all kinds of ancillary services long term, like monthly insurance $175/month in case it were to get disabled again, what? If anyone has any suggestions or could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thanks

I don’t know if this is the case or not for you, but I’ve heard that Google is cracking down on businesses who list an address but don’t have a store front at that address. Google wants businesses that don’t have a store front to change to a “service area” type listing.


Can you post a link for your Google listing/ business page?

Also, were you aware that they have changed how to manage your listing? ALL of the older management apps are going by the wayside.

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Another possible issue, but not sure. Your website shows “not secure” in my browser when I went to it. Since your website is linked to from your GMB profile, maybe that is causing a red flag.


I get the same message when I went to the site, “not secure”.

Maybe consider https
What is HTTPS? -


I believe Ryan and Kevin have found your problem.

At least this is a Big issue -

Maybe consider https
What is HTTPS? -


Great. My website is through Weebly and I was able to turn on SSL and now it is not showing “not secure”. Here is a link to my profile page
Let me know if there are any other modifications you guys think I should do before applying for reinstatement. Thanks

Here is a link to my business page let me know if you think I should make any edits. I am not sure what management apps you are referring to. I am doing this on the laptop. I don’t really “manage” my profile, it has just been there for a long time. Is there something I need to do to update it. Thanks

Your site needs an SSL cert.

I enabled SSL on the website editor and my website is no longer showing as “not secure”. Do I still need to do something else? Thanks

You should have received emails from Google explaining changes that were made regarding how to access and make changes/updates, etc… for your Google page. The “Google My Business” app for mobile devices and the quick link for Windows machines are being done away with. If you want to make changes, add pics, etc… you have to do it directly via Google Search or Google Maps. They started the changes back in March when they jacked up the reviews with their stupid new algorithm.


That looks ok on my desktop now. Shows HTTPS, very important.

This could also be an issue. Google’s newer algorithms may have thought your account wasn’t active so they locked it up. When I did a Google search for your company, the only thing that showed up was your website and a couple others. NO Business Page. No Map Pin.
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The link to your profile page just took me to my own login page. LOL. didn’t do any good. Oh well.

Try reaching out to Google Support and get your account updated.

All of this you can do on your own, there is no need to hire someone btw…

If you are doing it right, you will not actually have a map pin. Map pins are for locations that customers can visit. Home inspectors should not have a “retail” location entered in their GMB. You want to be set up as a “service area” business. This means you will not get a map pin, but you will show up in the search results for all towns, counties, etc. in your service area.


Pretty sure I have mine set up as both. The map pins my house but it’s also setup for No visitors. Of course I still have a fairly low rating, compared to the 50 or so other inspection companies in my immediate area. Still working on my SEO and ranking…

I did a couple of generic searches for Aaron’s company but came up with nothing. Had to do a direct name search to find him (on Google Search). Definitely issues there…

Here’s the difference when someone searches your business name. Mine (on the right) shows my service area as I have it set up in Google. I do need to get a better cover picture though, lol.

It’s a horse-a-piece, if you will. Both arrangements have pros and cons, but Google doesn’t want you to have a pin if people don’t come there to do business. Also, my company comes up for searches in all areas within my “area.” I think you are limited to searches that Google deems are within driving distance of your “location.”

Note: I had to search for myself in incognito mode so as not to skew the results.

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