Google Issues Third Warning This Month for Chrome Users

Time to dump Chrome for Firefox.

I dumped Firefox years ago. Too many issues I won’t get into. Interestingly, this morning my (New Gen) Edge was gone from my desktop, and nowhere to be found in my system. Had to download and it regained all my lost settings.
As for Chrome… I checked my version,and it was the original version from install two years ago. Clicked ‘Relaunch’ button, and it immediately updated to current new version.

It doesn’t seem that the new version 95.0.4638.54 is available yet. I’ve lost all confidence in Google anyway. I don’t like their PPC scheme and their paid ADs preventing the natural search rankings from being seen. And, I’'m sure there are millions of hackers in the world who despise them as much as I do.

It is, you just need to wait in line. When I clicked the Relaunch button, it immediately updated to the new version. It could also be related to the OS your using. My primary system is (still) Win 7 Pro. I dumped my secondary system with Win 10. It’s a huge POC for business use. Hoping Win 11 will be an improvement. I refuse to go down the Apple/Mac rabbit hole again!!

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