Google reviews aren't public

Hello all,
I have my business registered on Google. I have received 3 emails from google that I have a new review on my business page. I can read a few words of the review in the email. But when I click the button to reply (and thank the reviewer), I get a message “review can’t be found”. I have other reviews visible and these 3 are included in the total count, but they dont show up for the public to read. Can anyone tell me help with this?

Thanks in advance,
Joe Manges

I have a bunch but this happened to me with a review today. Something’s up.

Google will at times filter out reviews deemed “not worthy” of public display. Do you know who left them and from which locale, are they far from you? are you related to them, like friends :smiley: Otherwise it could be a glitch and I would give it a week to clear up. Then you can contact google to get help.

The aren’t friends or family, and 2 don’t live in the same zip code. One review is from 3 weeks ago. Do you know how to contact google?

Thanks again,

Joe Manges


Good luck, let us know what happens.

If it has been in the past 24 hours I think Google is having some issues. I use Birdeye to manage all of my reviews and have not been able to respond to 2 reviews in the last 24 hours.