Google Street View

Have you all tried Google Street View? Not every street (now becoming worldwide) is on this particular map, but the streets that are uploaded to the site can be viewed just like you are standing in the middle of the street.

Google Street View is really cool but it is becoming very controversial due to child predators being able to see children playing in neighborhoods. See Story HERE.

Google always amazes me. Check out THIS hilarious video regarding Google Street View.

Also, you can check out the neighborhood of the iNACHI office. Go to the link above and enter…1750 30th Street, Boulder, CO. 80301

It would also be proof on the perps computer that they are Guilty!

I think this is extreme paranoia. We should rip down all playgrounds and camouflage our schools so they can’t be identified?

Would I go deer hunting because I saw a patch of woods that had a deer in the pic, taken months ago?

If they want to find a kid, just sit in line at the school with all the other parents that don’t let their kids ride the bus!

Here is a more “invasion of privacy” from google street view. :mrgreen:

There are a few sites out there that post good pics that are found. I remember seeing one of a guy peeing on a street sign.

The “Street View” pictures in this particular hood are a little blurry as the Google Maps van sort of sped through this neighborhood…

I have seen one of the Google Map cars driving down a road here with the cam on the roof a couple months ago.

Their closing in on your Dale. I hope you weren’t in a place you shouldn’t have been!!! :smiley:

Yes Dale, they were in the Scottsdale area, but they blew right by your house. I checked your street (E Betony Dr) and it’s not ready for street view as of yet.

They came to my city, but blew right by my street also.


They didn’t do your neighborhood either.

Google is not allowed in the state of Microsoft! :mrgreen:

Funny, they have done my street twice in the last 18 months, when I looked at it yesterday the image had changed from the one up earlier in the year. I changed cars last Sept and the old pics had my old car on the drive, the new ones show my current car there.



I just wish they’d keep their camera out of my bathroom !!!


Nice car…I like it.