Got a call this morning.

Guy calls me and ask if I know where he can report a inspector. He went on about how the guy was suggested by his agent and that the guy said he was a contractor and that the inspector was only there for 1/2 hr.

I really didn’t know what to tell him. I get a lot of calls from people thinking I’m the building inspector for the township and I think this guy thought thats who I was.

What would be politically correct to tell him?

Tell him where to report him. Give him the info her requested. If its a NACHI member have them contact NACHI…I see no harm in that…

Thats just it I don’t know where to tell him to report it to. I doubt he’s a member here. This is him. url removed
No name no address no nothing.

Unfortunately, Robert, I know of no way to report this other than to report the agent. I am not for Michigan regulating our industry, but being able to report something like this would be a plus.

Start here

Cool I’ll have to print that out and keep it by the phone.

1285 N. Telegraph Rd PMB # 151
Monroe, MI 48162
Telephone: 1-866-525-1270

Calmly explain to the complainer that the inspector has a right to run his business as he sees fit and that he, the mere consumer, has no right to interfere or “hold him back” in his attempt to make a living.

If he is still on the line and has not abruptly disconnected, continue by emphasizing that the used house salesman can continue to exercise his right of “free speech” by continuing to refer him to future victims (aka “clients”) and that his skills as a full time contractor are what provides with him the ability to inspect, part time, in 30 minutes what it takes the rest of us up to three hours.

Then, if he is still on the line, tell him how lucky he is not to live in Florida.


Thats just UPS mailbox’s.

Tell him to hire his own inspector and have the home re-inspected.

Also tell him to report his AGENT to her broker, and perhaps to the state real-estate commission. He should also go to Angies list and type up a review of both the agent and the inspector. Reporting both to the better business bureau would also be appropriate.

The poor inspection is only part of the problem. The other half of the problem is the unethical agent recommending patty-cake inspectors.

Agreed 100%

Your right and i should have turned it into an inspection. ](*,)

I must be honest and admit that I do not feel it is proper to out a persons’s business in public.
You could be harming another’s way of feeding his family
It is not known if this is all true and the owner may turn around and sue you for slander if he sees this thread since you did not post it in members only.
I recommend you take this link out of this thread and repost it in members only.

Imagine if someone did this to you and it turns out to be an seller angry over the report.


OK let me delete this.(done)

Yes Robert, mind your own business.:wink:

Perhaps since you’ve stated the buyer’s side of the story, you should contact the inspector and get his. I’ve received many, many complaints over the years about NACHI inspectors, and have found that the two sides differ greatly intheir recollections of the incident.

I once had a buyer say the inspector only spent about 10 minutes at the house, only to find out that the buyer showed up 3 hours into the inspection.

I’m just sayin…