Got a call to suport the MAR PAC


It was a local Realtor that knows that I am active with my local Board of Realtors. I told her that I could not support MAR’s PAC because as a home inspector I get tried of hearing lies from their lobbyist Sam Licklier. She right away disclaimed Sam and assured me that my money would not go to pay him. Then I told her how disappointed I was that MAR fought a bill, about a couple a years ago, that would require smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in new homes because it would cause too make hardship on the builders. She said she did not know any of that. We bull****ted about some local politics and then she said she understood my decision. Something tells me she has not a clue. Realtors are like sheep, and MAR is the sheep herder. Sad but true.

Did you invite her to join TAMHI? No kidding.

In fact, why not offer to join MAR PAC if she will join TAMHI. We have yet to recruit our first realtor.

No, she is a well known blind supporter of MAR. I am hoping she looks into what I said to her. Our paths cross quite often.