Got a Death Threat Today

A seller called and threatened to cut off my head and that he has “done worse”. I inspected his house just yesterday. What a day…

Those Trump followers are nuts:mrgreen:

I have to get you my commercial things so that you can get started on my website:grin:

LOL, sounds good. Let me get through this guy who described in detail how he was going to kill me and cut my head off and I will start on it :wink:

Funny almost all the mass murderers in recent years were registered Dims :roll: Be safe Ian I hope you practice your 2nd amendment rights.

File a police report… just in case you don’t come home one day. Think of your family, and all of the crazy wacked out f*cks in this world.

And just because “dranged” brought the subject up…

I would tell my buyers to bounce. Dealing with a crazy a** seller. Then call the PoPo. :shock::shock::shock:

Thanks. I actually called the guy. I think I talked him down (albeit through threats by him to me). By the time we were done he was apologizing, talking about old friends, and telling me about his life. I still have the police on stand by and I am gonna take care of things around the house, but I think it is cool for now. I was real calm and empathetic with him, which he responded well too and I think he didn’t expect. “An answer when mild turns away rage”

No, definitely a democrat. All they do is yell and complain, and do nothing.

Then you must be doing something correct! Oh Yes!
It really sound like you did your job correctly.

That would just turn me on if someone said that to me. Yep!

Ian, I’d convert that threat into a marketing piece. Not joking.

I already did actually :), both agents and attorneys and their offices. We must think alike. How would you market it if it were you Nick?

Ian, not impressed. Wait till you get death threats from Realtors. Now that is something to brag about. (-:

I am OK with death threats from sellers or agents, as long as they stay “threats” :slight_smile:

If he was stupid/crazy enough to threaten you like that, please be prepared.
Don’t really care how nice the conversation ended.
We know each other & I think you know what I mean.
Besides, I need my web presence continually monitored.
So be safe & aware of your surroundings.

Do unto others before they do unto you

I gotcha Marc :wink: Thanks!

But unfortunately Ian is in the Peoples Republic of New York, where the 2nd Amendment is laughed at. (I grew up about 10 miles from where he is).

Really? Where?

Glad I missed out on that one. Nice to hear that you were finally able to have a civilized conversation with him. Hopefully it’s all in your rear view mirror now.

Clifton Park. The rest of my family is still up there so I go up most years for Thanksgiving. After all, I have to get my Lakeside farms Cider and donuts.