got a firewall question/ multi family

So long story, but had a triplex (but was built as townhouses) today that I didn’t think could exist LOL for its age (1986 built) in Tallahassee. Anyway its off grade with an open wood piling foundation (whole other conversation) as I was walking along the banks of the stream its over I realized I have never seen a building with a gypsum firewall off grade. Every multi-family unit I have built or owned was on slab or didn’t have a firewall (because of age) so this has me scratching my head and my gut says this can’t be a good idea to see raw gypsum exposed to the elements. This is truly the least of the worries on this one but want to know now. What should I have seen? Any help is appreciated

Photos would be of great help. Does this product fit the bill for what you were looking at? Exterior Gypsum Sheathing | Products | American Gypsum

Have been slammed, here is a pic of what was going on…

Not ideal but no obvious damage either