Got a real good photo of a split bus service panel?

…for the Defect photo project.

Please send to:

Just curious based on the need. Do you consider a split bus panel a defect?

Are you looking for a split bus with more than 6 throws or what? I would need to dig for exactly what you are looking for.

No, I wouldn’t consider it a defect, Stephen. It’s one of those things newer inspectors have trouble recognizing, so I think it’s a good idea to include it. This project is actually called “Flashcards” and it’s a learning and reference tool. Anything that’s unusual but which inspectors are likely to run into at some point are good candidates.
Just basically looking for a good, clear photo of a split bus. Doesn’t need to be defective.

Good photos of main panels are hard to find. They’re so tall and thin that to show the whole panel inspectors usually have to back off so far that it’s difficult to see details in the panel. Especially if they’re full of scattered wiring.

Thanks for taking the time to look. If you happen to see anything else you think might be interesting for this project feel free to send it along.