Got Any More of Those Nachi Badges?


Why did you steal that from a facebook page?

or: Do you have something against Boy Scouts?

or: you just have too much idle time on your hands?

Some people just like to hear themselves talk. :wink:

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LMAO, so much of the same. Always a whiner.

No whining. You just cant post something original.

Says the guy who took the time to research the internet to find that…


You have a point or are just joining idle wednesday? But not so idle to steal a meme from a realtors page, change the wording and create a thread as if it were some original thought.

In fact we have a thread for memes.

People with an IQ above houseplant shouldn’t need to ask what the point was…

We also have countless threads telling people if you don’t like what was posted, move on. As long as you’ve been around, I’d think you’d get that.

I didn’t see anywhere in the post where he said hey check my totally original meme, most of them aren’t. I don’t have idle anyday, seems like maybe if yours are so idle you should spend your time somewhere other than the internet…


Guess that doesn’t include you.

Thank you for illustrating my point. I wasn’t the one asking.

I see now, you just got badge-hurt.

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Seems that the realtor also stole the image from an existing meme and cropped it. You had better call the meme police.

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That’s clever, doesn’t bother me a bit. At least I own it. You don’t even own your profile picture.

Good to hear you take ownership of being badge-hurt, admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. Don’t miss that second rung though.



You’re gonna’ need more popcorn. I think I hurt their feelings.


Hurt feelings? You are funny, but in a sad kind of way. The celebration of your ignorance is on full display here. Be proud.