Got back from Texas. Y'all love fried chicken I see... however....

… I couldn’t find any diet fried chicken. :wink:

I gained 10 pounds in 3 days.

I think I saw those pounds on you when you walked in the door Nick. Are you sure you have not been sneaking some chicken (or something) at home?

Then again… if you ordered a Texas size chicken dinner, you may be correct…

Blame it on Texas, don’t blame it on Fried Chicken.

Nick, that sometimes happens when you go from 9,000 ft elevation down to the lowlands. Talk about redistribution! :wink:

Nick also said something about sneaking out for some HARD PANCAKE POUNDING night at the I-HOP while you were in Texas … hmmmmm

Chicken with a side order of pancakes. Yumm.!

Looks like Texas inspectors are obese from eating too much or have AIDS.:stuck_out_tongue:

There is a lot of work here for anyone that can fit into a crawl space. :wink: