Got Computer Questions?

MY lap top has a CD record on it how can I use it as a recorder to record meetings .
How can I transfer a cassette tape to a CD .
Thanks Cookie

Hi Cookie,

This is a 2 step process. First, assuming that you will need casette recorder that has a headphone jack (which most do). Buy a cable at radio shack (usually 8mm male on both ends) that runs from the headphone jack of the casette recorder to the microphone jack on the computer. Then you will use a software program to record what is coming out of the mic jack. There is a really good FREE program (runs on windows, mac, linux) that will be able to record the sound coming in from the mic. You can get it at (it’s called Audacity). Audacity is also an editor so you can cut the file into pieces, remove parts, etc.

Once you are done with this you save the file as a mp3 and then you can burn that mp3 to a cd using a program like Nero which costs money. Or you can actually open up the mp3 in Windows Media Player which is on your computer and have windows media player make a normal CD for you. It can even create tracks (iTunes will do this too).

As far as recording directly from the laptop to CD, it’s not quite like the tape recorder. You will need to go pick up an external mic at your favorite store like best buy or radio shack. Then plug it into your mic jack. Then you can use the Audicity program I listed above and record live. All the other steps after that would be the same.

Hopefully I’m being detailed enough, if not, let me know!

Great Thanks,
Trying to master this new IR camera when I get it to listen to me,
I will see if the Computer will do as I tell it thanks very much.
Expect I have all the cords I need if I can just find them.
They might be with the missing TV controller and the missing sock
… Cookie

I did. Thanks.

Haha, yes keeping track of cables is hard. My fiance has me pretty organized though, she’s setup about 12 different drawers of cables for me. Otherwise, I’d be lost :mrgreen:

Good luck, let me know if you have any more q’s.


No I am A Retired HVAC turned inspector 11 years ago and know absolutely nothing about networking. Is the internet a great place or what. Never know for sure who you are taking with. I am the Sr, you were discussing networking with JR my First born Same Name and yes he is the Network guy for a large school system. Used to work for World Com Before Bernnie ran off with all of the money Sorry for the desception was just checking you out

Ahh, no problem I totally understand now. Since he was signing it Charley, I thought it was you! I was the network admin for a large school for the last decade :smiley: Plus have done consulting for other schools and businesses.

Yeah the world com bust screwed some things up for the school districts down here as they provided support for Channel One (daily news), after they broke up there was only 1 or 2 techs for 100 schools. Oh well.

My degree is in Computer Science which is programming. I started teaching programming and math at 18 while I went to college as well as ran the schools network. Took it from 3 computers to 500, and built almost all myself (private school, had no budget).

Now I run Home Inspector Pro, and have been writing it for 3 years. Busy busy!!



Yes I am a network engineer for a school district. Very good guess! The hypothetical question posed was one of the first tasks I was given as a network “guy”. Dad was checking your credentials and I must say “well done!”.

I was given this task a year ago and have since implemented changes to correct the situation. The video no longer lives on the local area network but congestion is still a bit of an issue given the fact that we still have not eliminated SASI. That and a conversion to MS with a SANS are currently in the works. We aren’t finacially able to move to a Gigabit back bone until 2009, but is being planned. The switches will each have a 688 GB backplane so they won’t be a bottleneck.

We do both, but primarily it is just streamed in.

Very nice to chat with you.

Lee Bottger

Hey Lee,

Nice talking to you too! Definitely sounds like you have your hands full. Are you running 100% windows machines? I’ve actually been quite surprised with Ubuntu which is why I’m setting up so many Edubuntu workstations. I have it fully integrated with Active Directory and there’s a linux app for free to match every windows application we need. Talk about savings :smiley:


Okay you Geeks… go get a (chat)room or something… ha ha ha !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

:D:D:D Soooo funny!

Great idea, Lee, meet me on :mrgreen:

Ah… one of my keys has DEL on it.
Anyone know what it is for?

You hit that key when you want to make an order at del taco.

I will pass the message and let you network guys have at it if it does not have Freon in it I am lost.

Hold down that key as the last one on each of your post:D


I need a quantity of old mother boards. They do not need to be working or have CPU’s or memory or anything, just not visually dammaged. I am strapping the ceiling of my young son’s bedroom ceiling and screwing the mother boards to the strapping. This gives the ceiling a very high-tech look. May sound bizzare but sometimes bizzare can look cool to some people.

Currently I have enough mother boards from local computer repair shops to do about 1/3 of the ceiling but its taken almost a year to get that many. If anyone has some they don’t want and would like to ship them to me that would be great.

After the reinstalltion of the operating system do you not also need to reinstall a backed-up copy of the registry in order for most of those programs on your D drive to work? And if so, isn’t that registy one of the main causes for slow down in the first place?

Paul, I WISH you had posted this 2 weeks ago. I just had ewaste pick up 150 old computers and hundreds of motherboards. I’ll look around and see what I still have, I’m sure I can scrounge some up.

Yes, if you keep your programs on a separate drive you will still need to reinstall them because of the registry issues. Vista was supposed to eliminate the registry but it was yet another thing they failed to do.

Cool thing about Home Inspector Pro :slight_smile: We don’t write to the registry at all, so in this case you wouldn’t need it. More programs will hopefully write like that soon.

How many boards do you want btw?

about enough to do 900 square Feet.