Got me a new ride......

Hey Guys,

Got me a new bike today…
Honda VTX1300C

Everyone wants to look like a Harley. :wink:

Now we know who makes the big $$$$$$$$$

looked at the harley greg…overpriced in my pocketbook…lol…not that I would give it away if YOU gave me one however…:wink:

heck man…I got a good deal… 7999.00 ( retail 9,500 ) and put down 3,000 with 160.00 a month payments for 36 months…felt like it was a good deal but mine I got a new seat with studs on it and sissy bar along with lether bags on the side…with studs of course…:wink:

I could have got you into a 1970 “shovel” for that kind of money :wink:

lol…well sad to say MY other problem is I only buy new…I am not into older models. My brother has a 1998 Fat Back ( I believe it is ) and he wanted to sell me it for $ 10,000 but I wanted new…lol


I’d have thought you’d have gone with one of these:

It’s a 2007 Fat Boy :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :wink:

Lead with the chin fella, lead with the chin :smiley: :smiley:

I know paybacks gonna get expensive, but I just couldn’t resist



Paul, is there room for your tools? Might have gotten a bigger bike. :mrgreen:

Not bad … for a rice burner :wink:

Seriously, when I afford myself a new bike I will be looking at all makes as HD’s price tag outways my budget.

Ride safe and always enjoy the ride.


I’ve ALWAYS liked the VTX1300. Though I’m fond of the Retro rear fender.

Nice bike.

Now I want one. :wink:

Hi Steve,

here is the one he traded in :wink:



Got mine 2 months ago.


Pre-AMF Harley, accept no substiture


Greg…pre-AMF…wasn’t that when you had to stop every 25 miles and adjust the carbs…lol

Nice bike, Paul.

Did you get leathers?:mrgreen:


Here’s mine,… no wait, it the next one,…okay, the last one. :smiley:



XVZ1300TF_02_1L (Small).jpg

Ride safe!


lol…Hillarious…now I know why you sent me the PM saying SORRY…lol

You DOG…I had been shopping around and with a limited budget I ended up where I did. Now , if I had a NO BUDGET option then heck yeah. Guess there is always NEXT time…