Got my Septic System Installer/Repair Contractors license today, thanks to InterNACHI

I finished InterNACHI’s recently released How to Inspect Septic Systems course last week, so while it was all still fresh in my head, I went down to my county’s Health Department, took their Septic Contractor’s Exam, passed it, and got my license.

Thanks InterNACHI!

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If you see me now you would see that I am doing a “Happy Dance”!

As the President of the New Hampshire State Chapter I would LOVE to have this on a CD so that we can present this course at our meetings.
We would then have a “Proctored” test and issue certificates of completion for all of those who pass the test.

Keep up the Good Work!:nachi::nachi:

Hi Frank, I think DES sub-surface bureau has someone who does certifications.
NH may except it as CE but I doubt they would allow it for inspection purposes.

I’ll check it out and post what I find.

it would have to be approved by the board. I am sure that Nick will have Lisa submit it to NH.
I don’t believe that septic is listed in the statute, however the board still may approve it as CE.
thanks to Nick and NACHI for all that they do for members! its amazing that one can obtain all of these free credits for good quality courses just because they are a member!
Thanks Nick!

Thanks Pete!:smiley:

Hi Carla!
I spoke to Nick about the CE"s for New Hampshire and it looks like we will have an exciting year ahead of us.

We will be presenting many, many courses at our State Chapter meetings and will have "Proctored Courses and Proctored exams”.

The courses will be available not only to our NACHI members but this year we will be inviting ALL home inspectors to our meetings regardless of what Association they belong to.

Sometime in the next few days I will be sending out a newsletter about the availability of these courses and the proctored exams.

Hi Frank, I checked into it and the state does not require a license to inspect a system. Here is a good link I found though.

Hi Pete!
I went to this website and looked for a Professional in my area.

I was surprised to find ONE of our State Chapter NACHI members, so I guess that there is already a a way to “get on the list”. :smiley: