Got my W-2 from DDN

Looks like they had people working to make the Jan 31 deadline. I made a nice little income from those guys. NLI picked up a lot of work from DDN so I got most of my clients back but I am still down 50%.

Trinity, answer the phone…

what is DDN?

I think you meant to publish that you received your 1099 from DDN. Right?

Robert the correct question is, What was DDN?:smiley:

You are right James it was my 1099. Bruce, DDN was a national company that hired people to do draw or phase inspections for banks. There are some inspectors on this board that worked for DDN until they went belly up on Dec 21 of 2009. The company used inspectors as sub-contractors and they paid by check and did not take out taxes. The 1099 is required come tax time to settle up with Uncle Sam.


I too made quite a bit from DDN - but who is NLI? Maybe I would contact them if I knew -

Here you go: