Got Psoriasis?

Anyone else ever hear of psoriasis going away or healing drastically when visiting Colorado at the end of December in the mountains?

I have a couple of small patches that constantly bother me in South Florida and I even use a steroidal cream and it never knocks it out totally.

Less than a full week in the mountains of Colorado and it damn near disappeared without any meds.

Could it be the shower water? I would think the dry air would make it worse.

I no longer have any symptoms after changing to a LCHF diet.


Yes but after decades of bleeding elbows and needing steroid creams they are as soft as a baby’s bottom.

I always do well when I eat that way but have not been able to afford it this past year.

Carbs are cheap :frowning:

Thanks for the idea as when I can go back to eating as I like I’ll see if it makes a difference.

And highly processed and GMO and probably killing you.

Eggs and cheese are not that expensive.

I do try to eat a lot of both as protein makes me feel full longer and helps keep headaches away. They are both delicious on bread though :frowning:

Try HFLC for week and let me know how you feel.

Its really been quite amazing.

I know how it would make me feel as I used to eat that way. I lost a ton of weight and felt great.

Last time I lost lots of weight it was accomplished by eliminating Breads and pastas.
Would go to McDonalds and throw out over half the bun.

Combined that with cutting the fat and drinking lots of fruit smoothies mixed in Keifer.

I’m with Mike on this…
As a Type-1 diabetic, and living in Colorado with ultra-low humidity all year long, I can attest to the HighFiber/LowCarb diet as making me quite a bit healthier.
And no skin problems whatsoever, with a glass of water with each meal.

That works for me as well. $.99 McDouble :slight_smile:

The H in HFLC stands for High Fat.

Did you take advantage of the legal meds now offered to others who choose to get rocky mountain high? Maybe thats what cleared up your scales. :smiley:

Hey Larson, you dont need a special diet, you just need to get high!

Is that your method of keeping trim?

No we left a 1 day early for that and I am clean as a whistle. You never know when that perfect job opportunity might come your way. I damn sure do not want to miss it for a buzz :slight_smile: I think it is great for the economy and they should legalize it everywhere. You could smell it driving past the dispensaries leaving Denver for the Mountains. :smiley: