Got this email... No such thing as hot water heaters.

Hi, I just found your website. I am surprised that I did tho. I have a comment to make regarding a message board that is about ‘hot’ water heaters. I cannot post a message because I am not a member yet. But my message is…it took 6 posts to get to the one who knows that there is NO such thing as a ‘hot’ water heater. And the goof who started the board did NOT understand the comment on that. If we had hot water what would we need water heaters for?! HMMM… I know that there is hot water out there…but most of the time we need a water heater. Maybe someone there can point this out to the fella who started the board. Oh…and since I am a newbie at inspections…I plan to get into doing more. There is so much new construction near me…and I had done windstorm. I enjoyed that and want to do more. Thanks.
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Pretty good point, although I don’t know who the “goof” is they are talking about.

I love inline water heaters. Those are so awesome. I have one in my new house and I can run a shower for hours (If I wanted) and not run out because it is off of propane and it doesn’t use hardly any. I love it!

Yes, it is a water heater not a hot water heater, but perhaps this “newbie” needs to get a life and get some inspections.

Do you mean to say Tankless water heater instead of inline water heater???:stuck_out_tongue:

I agree Hot water heaters is to me a generic term like Kleenex.
I know people who stop for a coffee break and never drink coffee.

Its great that this person has little else to be concerned with .
Great to lead the simple life glad for them.

They should be concerned about parking in a drive way
and driving on a parkway.

Roy Cooke

When a water heater is full of hot water and some is used the thing turns itself on and yes, heats the hot water some more. So in this very common circumstance, it is in fact a hot water heater. When it was new and full of cold water it performed as a cold water heater that day. It sometimes is a warm water heater.

Interesting. A ‘wannabe’ inspector who is “surprised” at being able to find the most prominent home inspection web site on the internet, who cannot operate their own spell checker, who is not a member “yet” (indicating that there is possibly some difficulty in qualifiying for membership or some other reason for delay), and who does not know the difference between a ‘message board’ and a ‘message thread’ - wants to take a shot? Talk about getting one’s self into hot water…jeez!:smiley:

Maybe while researching some more hard to find home inspection sites like NACHI, our hapless hero may want to voice his displeasure at who reports that:

"With a ®Tankless hot water heating system you get:

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Actually the more I think about it, perhaps this newbie doesn’t need to have any inspections…:roll:

While we are on the subject of verbage, what in the hell is a “bird’s-mouth cut”, anyway? Birds do not have mouths…they have beaks. Mouths imply the presence of lips, which birds lack. This has always bothered me. We need to get this out of glossary.:wink:

Same argument I have had with my wife and father-in-law more than once.

Hot water does periodically need to be heated to ensure it is HOT.

If it were hot b4 it needed to be heated…would it not already be hot?

Technically less than hot water needs to be heated to become hot…so perhaps warm water heater?

I’m kidding of course…

Out here they’re called inline. I guess there probably are other names for them eh? :slight_smile:

I tried Google and this is what it is now we both are smarter .
A Hollow Round Mast using the Bird’s Mouth Method To do this, I put the narrow end toward the saw first, with the bird’s mouth cut along the fence, and placed the bird’s mouth cut of the untapered stave - 17k - Cached - Similar pages
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Talk about the need for speck cheller—try V-E-R-B-I-A-G-E. Heh, heh.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Now that should get everybody running to their dictionaries.

Got me.:stuck_out_tongue:

Not his first spelling mistake today.
Check your hotmail James
Roy Cooke

Ouch…okay. That’s it. I’m sticking to smaller words from now on.:shock:

Please do not feel bad James I am a bit of a maladroit my self at times .
Roy Cooke

THAT is funny! :cool:

I think I had those, once. The ointment wouldn’t shrink them, so I had to have them surgically removed. :smiley: