Got to shake the hand of Captain Thomas Jerome Hudner, jr.

Medal of Honor Receipient for the Korean War.

DDG 116 built at Bath Iron Works will be named after him.

I was asked to attend the Ceremony to represent the Tinsmith Trade for work on those ships along with other tradesman.
88 years old and looks sharp as ever.


Good for Marcel well done thanks for being there … Roy

He must be pretty old. My Dad is a Korean War Vet and he is in his 80’s.

Yes Nick, 88 and looks very well for his age.
Nice Ceremony and was honored to be invited with only 2 years at the shipyard. :slight_smile:

Must have been cool to meet a real hero. I hope you thanked him for all of us.

Those guys are really the few and should be proud :slight_smile:

The guys from that war and Nam were my childhood heros and still are along with any who have valiantly served.

Thanks to all those around here who have served the good guy countries :slight_smile:

I bet we even have a few heros from the bads guys side :slight_smile:

I would love to hear from them if we do.

I do not see them as bad guys they answered their country’s call and deserve the same respect as our guys did. None back then had any choice.

sounds like a good day partner…

Marcel you are making me old I am a plank owner on the DDG-22 which now is on the bottom of the ocean

They’ve gone a long ways since then Charley.

Working on the Zumwalt Series also. 2 of those.



Admiral Zumwalt was the Chief of Nav ops during my time

Here is a more recent picture Charley from December when the Pilot house showed up from Mississippi.
It is a big one.

Suppose to hit the water this year in October sometime.

10 stories high at least. :):wink:

That’s pretty cool Marcel.

Building navy ships looks like more fun than inspecting houses.

A lot easier on me ole body and a good place to retire. :mrgreen::wink:

I was a plank owner on the DE1085…I think even turkey has decommissioned Her by now…


Your corn-fused must have been the DE10:p:D

Congratulations Marcel. Will you be able to go out on sea trials with the ship??

That would be cool Linas. :slight_smile:

Oh, OH, Jim.

Launched 1943 and Scraped in 1947.

Charley trying to tell you something Jim? :wink:

I believe so partner…