Gota love bidding wars

Inspected same house 3 times in two days for different clients $$$.

Did ya walk the roof 3 times:p;-)

Awesome! We should all be so lucky!

So, be honest… what did you find the third time around that you didn’t see the first time around?

Follow-up questions: Do you “write” your reports on site? If so, how did you handle the ‘new’ information? Do you disclose to the second and third clients your prior knowledge of the home? Did you offer them discounts based upon your prior visit(s) being only mere hours before?

I did find a hidden fused panel the second time. Reports written back at office. I did take new cover picks to reflect the time of day (sun angle). Did not discuss being there before, no discounts.

Not sure about Maryland but PA prohibits disclosure of a prior report.
Report belongs to the Buyer.
The Buyer can then forward upon receipt of a report… but I am out of it at that point…

I wish. Around here, the inspection only happens once an offer has been excepted and Escrow is opened.

Very rarely did I get asked abut inspecting a house that is still in the offer stage.

Perfect. Good for you.