Gotta eat some crow...

As many know me and Nick get into some debates from time to time. But, I do want you to know there has NEVER been a time I have asked Nick for something and not received prompt, professional and kind service. For that, my hat is off to the guy.

I just have have to give credit where credit is due. But that in no way means I will not ask the questions that are on my mind, and debate with him from time to time.

Lets get ready to RUMBLE!

I was about to look into getting the two of you signed up for the WWE. You would wear a shirt that said INACHI and Nick would wear one that said NO INACHI. The girls from the NACHI office (Nick has posted their photo before) could parade around the ring before, during and after the bout.

Hey we can still do it. Nothing has changed. I will still stand where I think its right and I am sure he will do the same. I am sure more heated debates are to come. :slight_smile:

If the question or debate leads to furthering education, it all good