Gov Christ signed SB2234 this evening

Hi to all,

Earlier this evening Gov Christ signed SB2234 into law and it will come into effect in 2010, we all have much to do in the next couple of years to help our members through this transition. Some of us have been working behind the scenes to help all FL members, what this space!

Many thanks to those behind the scenes who have tried to lobby against this bill, the battle to turn it into something workable starts now.




Thanks for the update. Now we must all work together to fine tune this bill so it protects both consumers and inspectors and is fair to all in business.

We have to get a well organized Fl NACHI Chapter, even if it meens paying additional fees. NACHI must be part of all the changes that are in the works for this bill.

Hi Matt, I whole heartedly agree with you, FLNACHI members will have to be a lot more organised than in the past, some of us have been planning for this eventuallity for quite some time now, not that we think we know it all because we don’t, and we sure as hell will not be able to meet the upcoming challeges without the support of the majority of the membership.



The Peck(er) Heads over on InspectionNaziNews have popped a cork on this puppy, the pro-licensing Nazi’s will be rubbing each other’s private areas until they glow for the next few weeks while patting themselves on the back and explaining in great detail how they scored their their victory.

As for me I’m going to take an enema, a shower & some time away from this nonsense. :mrgreen: :twisted: :o :stuck_out_tongue: :shock: :mad: :smiley:

It is, indeed, a sad day for Florida…but an opportunity still exists to turn chicken $hit into chicken salad. Best of luck to you in that endeavor.

The sad day will be three years from now when all the “schoolboys” will be placed on the same level as experienced inspectors and the job will most likely, due to consumer laziness, go to the cheapest inspector.


The school that has cranked out over 600 licensed HIs in New York in the last four months is probably already at work on their Florida campus.

Gerry, best of luck to you and evryone involved, keep at it and don’t give up know.

Isn’t that happening now? Clients going after the cheapest inspection they can get, aren’t the “schoolboys” already on the same level as you, they have a business card saying they are Home Inspectors and they can list whatever experience or qualifications they have in their marketing, the same as you do. You are just as equal in an unlicensed situation as you are in a licensed one, you still have your experience, your training, your qualifications, and your years in business as a Home Inspector, licensing will not change that.

You mentioned “consumer laziness”, isn’t another example of that their failure to ask questions? How long and how many Home Inspections have you performed, are you insured, do you have references…How is licensing going to change the answers to any of those questions? In 2010 a newly licensed Inspector with NO EXPERIENCE will still have no experience, licensing will not give him that, and it won’t it take away yours.

Schoolboys, right now anyone can teach and “Certify” Home Inspectors, under this legislation aren’t HI Schools going to be required to meet State Standards or to be accredited by the State? Isn’t that an improvement on those teaching HI in their basements by watching reruns of This Old House, or someone throwing together a Powerpoint presentation and calling it “Online Home Inspection Training”?

Bushart and others like to mention numbers, like the so called graduates of NY HI Schools, they don’t mention the number of supposed HI’s being cranked out in un-regulated States by “Schools” with no accreditation or qualifications at all. You guys in Florida have an opportunity to make HI Training a hell of a lot better than it is now, but even the Best Trained Inspector who enters the business in 2010 will still not have the experience.

You’re stuck with a Law now, good or bad, but at least you have time and it appears the opportunity to tweak it into something workable that you can live with, do it.

Lewis’s suggestion that you might enjoy your feces sandwich on pumpernickel as opposed to white bread does bring up a thought…

The law is definitely passed…but it has yet to be funded.

What if you guys can put together a package that will definitely ensure the quality and quantity of inspectors needed by the consumer…and…what if the cost of that package to ensure such quality is…hhhmmmm…just a tad bit more than the State might want to pay?

Would you then have a bill lying dormant for another ten years (it laid in the drawer in Maryland for six) while the state decided when and how to fund it?

I didn’t mention “enjoy” James, I said Live With, we’re forced to Live With laws and situations we don’t enjoy everyday.

As the Resident Expert in all things relating to HI Licensing, aren’t most HI Licensing Laws paid for by Licensing Fees? Aren’t the estimated costs of administrating the laws considered along with the estimated number of Licensees when considering the Price of the License, the costs of administration can also be spread out by including licensing or accreditation fees for schools and other businesses that may fall under the Law. The Cost does not become prohibitive to the State, it falls on the shoulders of the Inspector, and the Law is already passed.

I’m sure the Inspectors in Florida know more about the Law than either you or me James, there are a whole lot of very smart guys there who can hopefully accomplish what they want in making this Law livable. I don’t live there, I don’t Inspect there, I apologize to Florida Inspectors for interfering in your thread, good luck and I hope you can make the best out of what you’re been dealt.

I didnt ready the whole bill but we need help down here there are so called Home inspector that charge $175.00 for a 2ooosq/ft house know i As a certtified inspector for 2 years cant sand next to this so call inspector i will be out of buss. Mabe this is the way to go. You guys that have been in it for years need to step up to the plate And see what needs to be done.

I am here in Miami, Fl. and the chapter that was so great is no more, now we are all alone trying to keep up with the laws and any thing that comes our way, i will do what needs to be done But NACHI needs to stand next to us and if you need my help I am here call or email me

Tony Merced

Upon hearing about Crist’s signing the bill I wonder if the clan over at TIJ broke out the keg and burned an effigy of Nick?

What I am wondering is, what the Building Inpectors, Archt, engineers, and contractors are thinking right now… I work for the city of Key West building department also and they seem to care less… This will affect them also. But not with everyday operations.

Also Where is all the big annoucements from NACHI and the Florida Chapter, I am waiting so I can Figure out how I can help with what we are dealing with.

I don’t think you have anything to worry about down there! Wander on over to Coconut Mallory and see how many code violations you can find!:smiley:

Oh I am sure you can find code violations no matter where you go in the state of Florida, or any other state. Also you have to look at the exsiting building code when work is done to a structure to see what all has to come up to code on that structure that has been standing before the 2004 edition of the codes came out. Check it out alot has to be done before everything has to come up to code.
I take it that you have been down here in Key West recently… or not becuase they just finished some renovation over there.

Hardly enough traffic at that place to keep a candle lit, Joe. Mike O’Handjob might be having a conversation with himself, however.:smiley:

We go down there about five or six times a year. I have tried to make it down to the keys at least three times a year since I was 13 (1973). We happened to stay at the Coconut Mallory and I, unfortunately, got the spa shut down. There wasn’t much wrong. A bunch of broken tiles and water coming out of the electrical conduit where the timer switch was supposed to be. Then of course, there was the water shooting out of the pump directly on to the timer box. Minor stuff like that! I have the pictures somewhere.

I can’t exactly remember all of it, but, the place “needed work”!

well evandeven, good luck finding a room the next trip, because more and more hotels are being replaced with condos…

What is the link to the bill again?