Goverment now inspecting....

Well in our housing market the goverment is trying to “make money” on inspection foreclosed and vacant homes. They are going to require each of these to get inspected as mandatory…Now the question is…WHO IS AUTHORIZED BY THE CITY? Here is the link to the story and its just big brother making more crap mandatory. I have inspected a new home in this county about 2 months ago…BRAND SPANKING NEW…well brand spanking new 72 page report! I don’t know if I should blame the guy who built it or the inspector inspected it. 200 amp service…2/O aluminum wiring. No ground. wrong size wires wrong sized breakers…AFCI’s missing…and that was just the electrical! Here is the thread. PLEASE let me know how to procede. I want my name in the hat…hot do you propose I do it?

I am on retainer to a number of local villages to inspect foreclosures and REOs. The building depts called me and asked me to do these inspections.

Most are because the house was not properly winterized and are mold farms and they want me to document it for the court case to have the owner (banks) tear them down. Some are for rental houses that the owners have not been able to rent and didn’t keep up.

Good money, easy work and paid court time for testifying ($750 per deim).

Hope this helps;

ty for the input