Government supports Home Inspectors ??????????

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[FONT=Calibri] [/FONT] Ontario Government has on home inspection:](

Some interesting comments:

“If you are selling your home, an inspection can help you determine its value.”

“A home inspector will typically examine the … common areas in a condominium.”

“Home inspectors complete a report of the property’s condition, as observed at the time of inspection. It will normally show … any evidence of past problems”

You can even…

File a complaint about a home inspector or home inspection.
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I Canada you guys help determine the value of a home?

Not my job same home different areas list for different prices .

Roy Cooke

Looks like they are implying you can appraise the home.

All I can do is shake my head Roy!

Looks like we have to provide written Inspection reports too. I guess I will throw out my electronic reporting device.

Digital report is still a written report.

I like the fact that the Government is making an effort.
It should still be clarified and no they are not doing a good job at this point.

I agree Kevin, TJ is correct, written as opposed to verbal. (It’s the second one down in the link you posted. )

Digital reporting is considered as written. Like we are doing here. :smiley:

The video seems like a great effort put forth by the government to bring awareness to consumers, even though a few things could have been worded a little better, at least those concerns can be thoroughly cleared up when clients call and ask the RIGHT questions prior to hiring their home inspector of choice :wink: Good job to everyone involved.

No!!! They should not interfere at all without getting some form of approval to post what they do.
Only thing they should do is make sure there is no false info being circulated by Home Inspection Associations but unfortunately they can’t get involved with the Politics of Home Inspection.
We should not be Associated with RECO or Tarrion and an Add about who to hire.

Actually Kevin, while you might disagree with the Government, they were ELECTED to make decisions for us. If you don’t like the result you should have persuaded everyone else in Ontario to vote for someone who wanted to do what YOU want to do.

The Home Inspection Professional should not be part of Tarion and RECO but we ARE intrinsically associated with them as we all have a part to play in ensuring the Home Buyer is properly represented. There should be strict lines of demarcation to avoid conflict of interests but the doors of communication should not be closed by biased bigotry from either side.

I do however agree with you that false information should not be circulated by anybody, Association or Individual, even on private message boards.

Well said Tyler, and don’t forget, it was a consensus, everyone gave a little, everyone got a little. It’s not perfect, but it’s also not finalised, there are still a series of discussion processes yet to come. If the regulation takes the form of a DLA it will make things easier to be corrected in the future also, as there will be no need to go back to the house for changes. Much can be effected by policy changes inside the DLA without referral to political upheaval.

This is similar to what we are trying to effect in conjunction with a couple of other DLA’s that affect Home Inspectors in Ontario.

I disagree and I further would say Tarrion should be held accountable for what they have done so far.
Tarrion should have no control of any aspect of the Home Inspection Industry or who inspects the home nor should any Franchise, School Board,Real Estate Association or Insurance Company.

Thanks for posting Roy.

Interesting information.

All the Best,