Government Takes Amerispec Books Off the Market.....

due to faulty wiring instructions.

A few others, too.

Thanks James. I work for AmeriSpec here the Toronto area. I don’t know any details and haven’t heard anything on this side of the line, but I’ll see what I can dig up.


See these books all the time in the box stores.

:)Wow, thanks James.

That’s going to cost someone some heavy money. Like the guy that wrote it I guess.


You and I have had our differences. This is clear and evident on this board.

But, I gotta give kudos where they are, very well, deserved. You seem to be a MONSTER (in a good way) for surfing the web and finding really great info.

I (for now :wink: ) bow at the feet of a MASTER inspector.

Thanks, guy. Good find!

Publishing ID and dates match up on our books, so looks like this is across Canada too.

Here is a book which has stood the test of time and deserves to be in every home inspectors library.

Audel Practical Electricity, All New 5th Edition

Great books Joe.

I had my first set of Five back in 1967, wish I could find them.!BiP0-5g!Wk~$(KGrHqYH-DoEsNZ(HqiGBLN7zidFRw~~_35.JPG

[FONT=Verdana]FYI - excerpt from an email notice I received today; “We have been informed of three diagrams in the book were found to be in error: page 183, bottom left; page 185, bottom left; and page 189 top left”.[/FONT]
Clients from now until the new versions are rolled out in Mid Feb.will be mailed the new copy.