Governor of Kentucky signs new inspection law adopting InterNACHI's SOP.

… and many more resources for Kentucky home inspectors.

It was a long time coming but we got it…Now we need an InterNACHI Licensing Exam…NAHI’S is gone so the Board will be changing the regs to remove it. All that is left is the NHIE or ASHI exam as we know it…Nick get me an exam I will get it to the Board and get it approved!

Also we are working on getting home inspector pre-licensing training classess exempted to licensing by the Commission on Proprietary Education which is blocking training providers from being approved in Kentucky.

Additionally we are pushing for the creation of an apprenticeship path to licensing to run concurrent to the training class requirement…just a few things in the works here in Kentucky. If you want to be involved…Kentucky InterNACHI members are automatically members of the InterNACHI Kentucky State Chapter…come out to our monthly meeting in Lexington on the last Thursday of the Month…visit our FB for more info…****

Michael, what is your FB page link?